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There are so many things you can do while visiting Ouray, Colorado it could be hard to pick what to do! 我们是来帮忙的! Below are different types of adventures based on your interests, 什么季节?, and how long you will be here for.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best trip you have ever had! Ouray, Colorado is a place that can can allow new self-discoveries if you let it. Ouray is where rare beauty meets everlasting adventures.


  • 盒子峡谷的女孩


    Ouray (otherwise known as the Switzerland of America) is the adventure capital of Colorado by far. From skiing, hiking, ICE CLIMBING ❄️ to hot springs there’s a lil something for everyone.

  • Ice climber on an over hang mountains in the background

    Logan's 冬天 Weekend for Warriors

    Logan Tyler is a native to Ouray, Colorado. Born and raised here, he now owns his own business, Basecamp Ouray.

    For young adults looking for a winter adventure you will never forget take a look at what Logan suggest for a weekend in Ouray, Colorado during the winter time.

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    This girls trip has been one of my absolute favorites yet. We did everything from hiking to jeep tours in the San Juan Mountains! Ouray, known as the Switzerland of America, has quickly become one of my favorite destinations in the U.S. Want to go to a place you’ll never want to leave? 好吧,在这里. Travel with me to Colorado for an unforgettable experience!

  • 百万美元高速公路 in summer

    ½ Day in Ouray, Driving and Walking

    哇! All of a sudden you’ve happened into one of Colorado’s most beautiful little mountain towns, Ouray, Colorado where we love “Keepin’ it real.” But darn it, you only have 3 hours to uncover this newly found treasure. So here’s a little itinerary to give you a taste of what you’ll want to come back and truly experience.

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    After spending almost a month in the small town of Ouray, 今年夏天在科罗拉多, I have finally crafted what I believe to be an amazing itinerary! I have put together all of my favorite activities, eateries and more into a two-day guide. You can either pick and choose your activities or follow this guide to a “T”, but I promise you will leave just as in love with Ouray as I am.

  • 狗在草地上散步

    Dexter Dog's Perfect Summer Day

    Dexter Dog is one of Ouray’s famous locals. Who better to tell you what his perfect summer day would be?

    如果你是一个爱狗人士, grab some information from Dexter for ideas on how to have an epic vacation with your pup!

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    Growing up as a kids in Ouray, Colorado has it’s advantages. You know where all the fun spots are! If you have a family with younger kids, utilize Levin’s itinerary to see what the local kids like to do in Ouray!

  • Highway in the mountains during fall

    Lou's Way to FALL in Love with Ouray

    Lou is a gal who grew up most of her life coming back to Ouray, Colorado. Now a full-time resident for many years, she loves nothing more than the fall in Ouray. If you are someone looking for what to do in the fall, 享受风景驾驶, or looking for more ways to relax take some pointers from Lou.

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    Weekend Guide to Exploring Ouray, CO

    @旅行Bitners | Ouray is located in the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado and is the perfect location to spend a weekend in the mountains. Ouray is about 6 hours from Denver and while there are multiple routes to take, rest assured knowing that any route will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the state.

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    Ouray, Colorado is one of the most dog-friendly places you could possibly find. 有很多商店, 餐厅, and lodging options that allow dogs to partake in the fun, you must make Ouray a must-do destination. We understand that our furry-friends are also family members. So we want to help show you what you can do with your dog, where you can go, and where you can stay. 狗狗也应该休假! So don’t leave them behind, let them be a part of the memories!

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    Ouray is proud to be a family-friendly destination that offers visitors an immersive connection to the great outdoors. Complimented by a friendly community and long list of fun activities, our town and backyard is the perfect place to instill adventure and appreciation for the outdoors within your family. From Grandparents to couples to kids, our slice of the Rocky Mountains offers something for everyone. Get ready to reconnect, unplug, and enjoy your experience.

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    Need to escape with your besties for a fun getaway to Ouray? Get some ideas on what you can do with your gal pals here in this beautiful mountain town.