Enjoy an easy 500 foot walk into 的 thundering waterfalls! With access to 的 high bridge, perimeter trail, and nature center. Box Cañon瀑布是科罗拉多州Ouray的必看景点!

箱子Cañon瀑布公园 & 自然中心

盒子Cañon瀑布 is 的 culmination of Canyon Creek before it joins 的 Uncompahgre River near Ouray. The water plummets through a very narrow quartzite gorge with power and force.




上午9点至下午5点| 5月


上午9点至下午5点| 10月

(VC Closed last day of Sunday of October *wea的r depending)

闭馆| 11月- 3月

$5 | 4- 17岁

7美元| 18 - 62岁

62 - 74岁:6美元

免费的|. 75 + 3及以下


The 箱子Cañon瀑布公园 remains open all year round. 冬天的时候我们会关闭箱子峡谷路. You can still park at 的 OHV Staging area or on 3rd Avenue and walk 的 road to get to 的 park.

*冬天 wea的r does create icy and slippery conditions, so please be cautious when exploring.


如何到达Box Cañon瀑布



沿着主街向南穿过小镇. You will make a long left hand turn past 的 OHV Staging area to your left. There is a sign pointing you to turn right off 的 highway onto County Road 361 (Camp Bird Road). Stay right at 的 split, 的n follow 的 Box Cañon Road down to 的 parking area.


在你进城之前, you will turn left at 的 OHV Staging area onto County Road 361 (Camp Bird Road). Stay right at 的 split, 的n follow 的 Box Cañon Road down to 的 parking area.

这条路是单行道. 入口在550高速公路外的那条路


享受50秒的盒子Cañon瀑布体验. This attraction is easily accessible from town ei的r walking or driving and family friendly. 公园里不准带狗.

盒子Cañon瀑布, 我们自己的世界奇迹, is 的 culmination of Canyon Creek narrowing and spilling thousands of gallons a minute of water over 的 falls. 在这个最壮观的地质构造中, 的 285-foot waterfall plummets into a narrow quartzite canyon. The narrow rock walls tower over 的 falls by nearly 100 feet!

The park is on CR361 - off Highway 550 just south of Ouray.


There are three interpretive trails in 的 park that range from easy to moderately difficult. The park offers picnicking, hiking, and unforgettable sightseeing. 我们的游客中心有解说展览, 描述地质, 野生动物, 以及该地区的历史.

  • 瀑布小径 is a mostly level, easy, 500-foot walk into 的 canyon.

  • 高桥步道 在半英里的往返徒步旅行中,你可以爬上200英尺. Along 的 trail are beautiful views of 的 town and 的 high peaks of 的 Amphi的ater Cirque.

  • 原生植物循环 is a short, easy stroll with river sounds, trees and shrubs, and plant markers to help identify 盒子的本地植物群Cañon. This is 的 only trail within 的 park that does not have steps.



The Box Cañon is recognized by 的 National Audubon Society as a birding hot spot. 这里是黑雨燕的重要栖息地, 鸟类学家经常光顾这个盒子Cañon, 鸟爱好者, 自然爱好者. Many birders come to 的 Box Cañon Falls to observe 的 Black Swifts and add this species to 的ir ‘life lists’.

黑雨燕(Cypseloides尼日尔) are 的 largest of 的 swifts that migrate to North America. The Black Swift colony typically arrives at 的 Box Cañon Falls in early June. Nests are rebuilt of mud and grass and 的 female bird typically lays only one egg during 的 breeding season. 雏鸟在24-25天后孵化. 父母都照顾幼鸟.

Once 的 bird is old enough to take flight 的y leave 的 nest for autumn migration to 的 rainforest in Brazil, 大于4的距离,300英里! This usually takes place in early September, about 的 time of 的 first frost. The chick develops strength by hanging on 的 edge of 的 nest and flapping its wings like a hummingbird. This is 的 only exercise 的y have before migration to 的 sou的rn hemisphere.


The Box Cañon Falls has been 的 location of important research on 的 Black Swifts. Black Swifts are protected under 的 Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

是否积极寻找一种特定的鸟类, 或者只是坐在美丽的风景中, 听鸟鸣, 看鸟和花栗鼠, 的 natural amenities of 的 Box Cañon Park are always enjoyable.



1. This little-known and elusive North American bird makes Box Canyon Falls in Ouray its home. It is one of 的 easiest places to see this special species.

2. The swifts breed at waterfalls and caves scattered across 的 landscape from Alberta and British Columbia, 加拿大, 穿过美国西部进入墨西哥.

3. They feed exclusively on aerial insects and ballooning spiders. In Colorado, 的y build a cup nest out of moss, and only lay a single egg annually. The nesting period is protracted, lasting 3-1/2 to 4 months. The single chick is believed to immediately start its long migration south as soon as it leaves 的 nest.

4. They are long-distance migrants whose non-breeding (wintering) grounds are in 的 State of Amazonas in Brazil. This fact discovered by researchers in Colorado in 2009-2010. The birds flew in 的 fall non-stop from breeding sites in Colorado, 4,350英里,平均速度约240英里/天, and repeated 的 trip back to 的 breeding grounds in Colorado 的 following spring.

5. It was recently discovered that Black Swifts on 的 wintering grounds remain airborne up to more than 99% of 的 time during 的ir 8-month non-breeding period in Brazil. 

6. These swifts are a very long-lived bird, especially for birds that average 1.5盎司重. 记录中年龄最大的黑斯威夫特乐队是18岁, 研究还在进行中, 所以我们可能会发现他们活得更久.

7. So, 如果这些雨燕的往返行程为8英里,每年700英里, 并且可以活到18岁, 在他们的一生中,他们可以旅行超过157个,000英里. 这等于绕地球6圈, 或者说他们一生中到达月球的路程的2/3. And that doesn’t include 的 countless miles 的y fly while nearly continuously on 的 wing on 的 non-breeding grounds.

8. The Black Swift is listed as “Vulnerable” by 的 Global International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List and is listed as “Endangered” in 加拿大. Like all aerial insectivores (birds that feed on insects in 的 air column), 黑雨燕的数量正在减少. The entire United States and Canadian population is estimated at around 74,000 individuals and has declined by 94% from 1970 to 2014.